Sluit dit zoekvak.

Two English translations of earlier HL work as free pdf…

It was decided to put out two translations of work I wrote in 2013 and 2014.

The first and shortest one is about feeling through emotions, opening up to consciousness, getting in tune with intuition, and about our defense mechanisms. It’s called First Aid with Immaturity.

The second (Rose Petals & Barbed Wire) is about (the proces of) waking up, selfinquiry, what can happen along the road – nice stuff but also stuff more like shards of glass, let’s say – or barbed wire. About how being awake looks at different phenomenon like social activity, confrontation, (dis)honesty, the right kind of attitude, inquiry and much more… well, you’ll see if you read it.

Note: these translations are imperfect, but since I don’t find the energy or time to work on it (like to write new stuff more I guess) it was decided to finally share it anyway… it’s not helping anyone when it just sits on my laptop, so hopefully it proves to be meaningful to you.

So: download the files and read away! And feel free to share it with others if you wish.

Enjoy – or not! Hug, h

Ja, ik doe mee!