Sluit dit zoekvak.

Amazingly closed minded…

  • It’s a great shame lot’s of spiritual people including their teachers know so little about modern knowledge and research on topics like cognition, creative and learning processes, stress theory, biasing, personality traits, attachment issues, evolution, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy and so on. Many tend to be quite dismissive and closed minded – although claiming the opposite. The fact is that many of them are in fact very out dated on several interesting, important and sometimes even crucial topics and knowledge or even completely ignorant on many of those. This is obviously clouding their thinking, intuition, and clarity (and teachings) allowing things like magical thinking, projection, self delusion, backward notions, biases, blind spots, inadequate explanations and approaches and unsound theories to perpetuate; thusly keeping themselves (and other people) more in the dark (ages) than they believe to be doing. This way people keep receiving and believing (or handing out) at best a mixture of sensible and unwholesome, unsound notions (and advice). This lack of interest is amazing to me, for it is quite unhealthy to be and stay locked in the comfortable bubble of the familiar too much – it is also implying the conviction (or projecting) one already has all the knowledge and insights that are possible or available, which is as arrogant as it is ignorant.
  • If you learn nothing today you will be as dumb tomorrow as you were yesterday.
  • You’re always dumber than you think and always know less than you imagine (this also applies to teachers and guru’s).
  • READ BOOKS! Preferably good ones 🙂 and not just stuff you already ‘believe’. Your confirmation bias and other prejudices are playing more tricks on you than you know.

Ja, ik doe mee!